Wednesday, March 5, 2014

inspiration: family

After reading about that NJ girl who was suing her family to pay for her college tuition, I figured a little family oriented mid-week inspiration was in need. I'm trying very hard not to judge this girl, but everything that I've read makes me scream inside 'stop being awful to your parents!'. I'm just glad the judge isn't buying it, and wants to make sure this case doesn't set a precedent for children to think they can get away with acts like this. Oy vey.


  1. thank you. i saw this all over CNN and GMA and I think I had to lift my jaw up off the floor!

    "some people's kids...."

  2. I guess we don't know until we are in her shoes but it sounds all sorts of crazy. I would be so heartbroken if my child did this to me!