Thursday, March 6, 2014

so, i splurged a little

this is about as artsy as i'm going to get without a hefe filter

Last week was a bit of a rough one at work, so what did I decide to do? Spend some money that I probably didn't need to, but did anyway. I was introduced to benefit products in one of my birchboxes, and I've been a tiny bit obsessed ever since. A pricey obsession, I must say. I'm lucky I was never into makeup when I was younger because I wouldn't have had the money for it!

Regardless, I saw an email about a custom kit. It hit me hard. I needed it. Well, it looked like I needed it. The custom kit is $79 with free shipping. You select the products you want from the categories: complexion, cheeks, and eyes; then you get two free gifts: the makeup case and another product.

So, I got some things, and tested them out...

It has a really refreshing smell, and smooths out my skin while brightening it. It's not as good at smoothing as the POREfessional primer, but the brightener is exactly what I need for my pale skin during this 'spring'.

Seems like every beauty guru has this one, so I wanted to try it. It is not orange! That is the one qualm I had with all my other bronzers. This one actually looks natural.

This stuff is amazing. That is all.

The shade I got is very sheer, so it can't be worn alone if you wanted color. I prefer to use it as a base, and it really highlights any shadow I put over it.

This isn't a sponsored post or anything (I wish! ha), but I thought it was a good deal. Plus, the makeup bag is pretty, though very small. It definitely will not hold a majority of my makeup, but it can be used for other things. I'm thinking of putting it on my dresser and using it to hold bracelets. Overall, I love all of the products, so my little splurge was worth it,


  1. i am going on a Ulta/Sephora run this weekend and that bronzer is on my "GET" list!

  2. Love the They're Real Mascara! Also a big fan of their eyebrow kits!

  3. Girl, you deserve to treat yourself. I love Benefit cosmetics. Their erase paste and blushes/bronzers are to die for.


  4. I've been a Benefit fan for years. Definitely worth the splurge!
    The Grass Skirt