Tuesday, March 11, 2014

that bachelor finale: what did we just witness

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the trainwreck that was The Bachelor finale last night, please do so, then come back because I need to hear your comments!

I've been watching The Bachelor since the very beginning. I have never witnessed a season quite like this, nor an After the Final Rose show as awkward as that. I'm trying my hardest not to pass too much judgement, but based on the live audience reaction, those people clearly were.

The entire season not a lot of women liked Clare as she did some things and rubbed some of the other girls the wrong way. Honestly, I wasn't really paying attention, but when Juan Pablo sent her home, I applauded the way she went out:
JP said something along the lines: we had some great times, I have to send people home at some point, now I have to say goodbye, byyeee, and as he went in for the hug, Clare did that ^. It was great to watch a woman stand up for herself, let this guy have it, and get all of the closure she needed. So many of the women on this show appear to be blindly in love with whoever the bachelor is, and it was so refreshing to see a woman have doubts AND follow through with them.

I think she was nice? The other girls seemed to like her. But, I'm not sure I would have accepted a rose from a guy who really said I'm not 100% into you.

the happy couple.
I couldn't help but feel badly for Nikki as I watched her sit uncomfortably next to the man she loves but has never heard him say 'i love you'. And things continued to get more and more awkward. It was like everyone in that room was throwing the red flags at her, and she just went along with whatever it is that they have. And she really didn't say a word otherwise, or try to defend herself or her man. Odd.

I admit, I was excited when JP was going to be the bachelor, then I got bored very quickly, and because I can't turn away from this mess, I continued to watch week after week. The thing about JP that I don't buy is his language excuse. Back when I was student teaching in college, I dealt with many children whose first language was not English. The teachers all told me that these children were very smart, and knew more English than they let on. Some of the children did this, possibly because it was easier to get out of things, and oftentimes some people would give up on these children rather than try to understand them. It's the same way that I see how JP uses language to manipulate and give the run around when answering tough questions. He talked in so many circles, claimed not to understand a few things, and just kept talking until Chris Harrison simply gave up.

At least it's over, and at least we've named ANDI as the new bachelorette! I am very excited to see a strong woman take the lead. I'm hoping abc doesn't turn her into a mess, but we can't rule that out quite yet.

What were your thoughts on the finale? Do you think JP was an awful bachelor? How can we free Nikki?


  1. I didn't watch the final episode or after the rose yet. but when I turned on my TV in the bedroom it was on and so it ruined everything for me. BUT after seeing this - I can't wait to go home and watch it all unfold!!!

  2. My mind was blown by the after the final rose special! IT was so unbearable to watch...and I could hardly believe JP's rudeness towards Chris!! I am thinking we need to mail Nikki a copy of "He's Not That Into You"

  3. I didnt watch this season but I followed parts of it in the "news." Nope, not JP fan. Don't have high hopes for him or his new relationship. Reminds me a lot of Brad Womack. I actually will be watching next season as Andi is most def a gal's gal. :)

  4. It was really, really hard to watch. The only reason I watched the finale is because Nicki is from Kearny, MO and I'm from Kansas City. Aka the town they took JP too instead of Kearny because it's literally nothing. Anyways, I understand that JP and Nicki are taking things slow because in all reality ... they haven't been living a real life. But seriously, JP? Why be so vague about how you feel? I understand he has a daughter to think of, but come on.

  5. It was absolutely painful to watch. No, JP you do not have to confess your undying love on TV if you aren't ready but you need to show your girlfriend that you at least care about her and possibly see a future with her. And in general, don't be an asshole.

    Best of the night though - Sir Chris Harrison! He was so sassy and fabulous.

  6. Honestly I cannot believe what kind of bachelor he was. Totally not the same person that was on Desiree's season. I like Andi but I don't know how I feel about her being the bachelorette. In my mind Emily Maynard was the BEST!

  7. I'm with you on all of this. I was excited about JP at first and after last night I think he's just a self centered jerk. So disappointed. I'm on the fence about Andi as tge bachelorette only because she seemed somewhat shy. We'll see how it goes, I like her as a person for sure!