Wednesday, March 26, 2014

this all started a year ago today

Yup, one year ago today I felt the need to start up blogging again. It's been a fun year of writing, getting to know other bloggers, and sharing my somewhat-boring-mostly-quirky life with you all. It wasn't always easy. I went through phases of posting just to post, uncertainties about what to share, and self-consciousness about people reading my content.

But, once I realized that I started this blog because my other one failed due to said phases, I knew I was in the right place with the right people. My love of writing/reading was the reason I started this again in the first place, something I needed to always keep in mind.

Here we year later. I feel like I have a system down. I have some great blogger friends. I no longer get discouraged or feel like giving up the blog life. And that's mainly due to you, for reading and commenting here, and sharing your blogs with me. A funny fact is that none of my friends or family know that I blog, not sure why I'm so secretive about it, but knowing that this is my own little happy place just makes me smile.

So, here's to another year, cheers friends!


  1. whoop whoooooooooooop. Cheers to you and your one year birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary :) One whole year with this blog that's awesome. Here's to many more :)