Thursday, March 13, 2014

throwback: spring break yall

source | that spring breakers movie

Next week is spring break for the college I work at, and it got me thinking about how I used to spend my spring breaks while in school. Turns out, I didn't do much. I never went on a vacation with my roommates for spring break, though have you seen that crazy movie Spring Breakers? You know you're getting old when you're watching that and thinking where are the parents ha! Seriously, that movie is strange.

Looking back, I definitely wish I would have traveled somewhere sunny with my roommates. One year, it was just warm enough for me to 'tan' outside with a blanket on surrounded by snow, so when I got back to college people thought that I had vacationed somewhere. So sad.

Since I don't have any thrilling spring break tales, I'm looking for your stories! Did you go anywhere nice? Did you do anything crazy? Do you wish you would have went somewhere? Or did you just watch it on TRL like I did?


  1. My freshman year in college (seems like forever ago) I was playing for my community college softball team and we got a week (for free!) in Pensacola Beach, FL for a softball tournament. They ended up screwing up the scheduling so we only played 2 out of 7 days. That's 5 days of beach time! All of our meals were covered (I was 18 so obviously we weren't drinking) but it was seriously the coolest thing I've ever experienced! 24 girls + the beach + free = Trip of a lifetime!


  2. We always rented a beach house with a dozen other girlfriends and drive 6 hours to the beautiful beaches of Destin. :) Spring Break now makes me depressed every year as a working girl.