Friday, April 4, 2014

feel good friday: 'camo confessions'

I watched a couple videos this week called Camo Confessions based on a product called dermablend. I wasn't concerned with the product, but more so the stories that two women shared...


Everyone struggles with something, and watching these two women reveal that struggle in a very public way was inspiring. Buzzfeed wrote an article about the videos which gave other people the opportunity to share their own stories in the comments. Both ladies mentioned feeling good about themselves after the reveal, and I think that's the perfect thing to take away from this on a feel good friday.

Yes, it's easy to say 'embrace your flaws' or 'appreciate your imperfections' but when those traits affect you emotionally, it can be a very difficult thing. I have moley skin, ahh there I said it. It's been something that has plagued me most of my life; one) because I think they're hideous, and now two) because they could be potentially pre-cancerous (see my first post about my skin surgeries). I hide them with makeup, and for some reason just cannot move past being self conscious about them. And then I see these women, who have the strength to show their natural skin, and I begin to feel better about trying to do the same. I'm starting to embrace my scars, and now wear shirts that actually reveal them. That's my camo confession, whew.

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  1. We were in a terrible car wreck when we were little. My sister had multiple complicated surgeries. The most significant surgery she had was a back surgery that left her in a full body cast for six months. She had a scar a foot long and a couple cm wide. Anyways, she used dermablend for her scars when she competed in gymnastics because a child came up to her once and asked if she had been stabbed to death. Really interesting you shared this! I would love to share it to on my own blog.