Tuesday, April 22, 2014

i don't know the first thing about buying a house

As I'm gearing up to make the move back to my home city, I'm finding that living with my parents doesn't seem like the most feasible option for all of our sanity. Rather than put money into an apartment, I've started thinking that buying a house may be a good investment. But, I do not know the first thing about buying a house let alone the upkeep involved with having a house. So, friends, I'm looking to you, and hoping that you have some advice for first time home buyers. I mean, HGTV can only get me so far in life.

I have heard about several programs through banks for first time home buyers who are single. Finally, my singleness has a financial perk! Besides that, I have no knowledge other than my budget will probably not allow for me to purchase the home from the movie Bewitched. Where are the property brothers when ya need them, right?

a girl can dream...


  1. send me a list of questions and wonders and I will answer them! I am single (duh) and have had my home for a little over 2 years now. :) I am an open book and will tell you anything you need to know!

  2. We just started the home buying process and it's daunting! Even more depressing are the prices of real estate where I live!