Thursday, April 24, 2014

internet acronyms, say what?

If there's one thing that makes me feel old and out of touch, it would have to be online acronyms and lingo. I like to consider myself pretty tech savvy. I started making Buffy websites when I was in middle school. I was one of the first kids to have AOL in my class, ASL anyone? My aim profile was creative. Yet, I cannot understand half of the acronyms I see online. I had to resort to the google...

shaking my head)
This one took me a while to figure out. Shout my hello? Stop my heart? 

throwback thursday)
Not only did I fail to realize that this one only appeared on Thursdays, I kept getting confused with the band Taking Back Sunday, obviously. Also, this one should just be TT, come on now...grammar.

not suitable for work)
This one I should have figured out when I was looking at things with this title in my office. Nope, I thought it was some sort of convention that people went to. Sigh.

hit me up)
Again, completely missed the context here. How much u? How might u? I then felt sorry that these people couldn't see that u should not stand for you. My mistake.

I strongly dislike this one so it's going to appear very small. I thought this was a type of greeting that mixed yo and hello together. I was so very wrong.

Do you know of any acronyms that you clearly missed the boat on as well?


  1. I feel so old when I see these because I always have to Google them. SMH LOL!

  2. It took me awhile to figure out what natch meant. Which is just short for naturally! :)

  3. haha I'm so bad at figuring out acronyms! And I also have a habit of saying them ironically at first, but then I always get used to saying them all the time

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