Monday, May 19, 2014

a show you should be watching: orphan black

There's a little show on BBC America called Orphan Black that has me mesmerized every week. The second season just started about a month ago, but it's not too late to catch up. The first season was only ten episodes, and was so good that I finished it in a weekend.

The main reason this show is so amazing is because of Tatiana Maslany. The show is about clones (stick with me, it's great, I swear!), and Tatiana plays ALL of them. And she plays them so well I forget that it's her every time! Seriously, I cannot talk enough about this woman's ability to create multiple characters. She even goes as far as impersonating other clones. It's incredible.

It's mysterious, funny, dramatic, dark, and kind of sexy (heyyy Paul). Again, this one is definitely worth a shot. And if you already watch it, then yes, you're in the clone club too!

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