Thursday, May 8, 2014

blogging: how much is too much to share?

I am not the type of person who can share things easily. Maybe it's because I've been shy most of my life, or that I worry about coming across as conceited, that I tend to hold back, especially online. While I love reading personal/lifestyle blogs, I always think about how I could be more open, I am a blogger after all. Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing, sharing our lives, or at least a portion of our lives?

Is there a point though when a post becomes an overshare? Hey, I don't even use my full name on here or other social media. Though, I've always been hyper paranoid about things I've posted being attached to my name. I've also seen other bloggers not name their significant others or their children in posts.

Is there a line that we shouldn't cross? On my facebook, a friend had been posting pictures during her pregnancy, you know the cute ones from pinterest with the chalkboard and fruits. Once the baby was born no other pictures were posted. A few months had passed, and I came across a status update that said the couple had decided to not post any pictures of their newborn, but had to address that in a status because people were seriously asking her if something was wrong with the baby. She had to clarify that her baby was healthy and beautiful because people actually questioned her why as to why she wasn't showing him off.

It just shows how accustomed we are to people sharing their lives that the idea of something not being posted equals something being wrong.

What are some of your thoughts?

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  1. Why do you think I leave "weight gain" out of my weekly pregnancy updates. Some things just don't need to be shared! haha I am a sharer by nature and I feel I learn a lot from other people who share as well. Just as long as you are comfortable with the amount of information you give out!