Friday, May 23, 2014

feel good friday: animal love

There's nothing I enjoy more when I need a little pick-me-up than watching kittens on a live webcam. It's both relaxing and adorable. I've talked about Foster Dad John's cam The Critter Room on the blog before. I've watched for a year now, and have seen six sets of fosters go to good homes. I am a virtual cat lady, haha.

Watching animals is actually pretty therapeutic. At my college they bring in therapy dogs, this year they were golden retrievers, for the students during stressful finals week. The dogs are there to pet and hug, and find myself smiling ridiculously just by watching them.

If you need an end of the week pick-me-up or just something to make you smile, check out this beyond adorable video of Frostie the Snow Goat. The cuteness, ah I can't.


  1. I saw Frostie the Snow Goat yesterday and it made me tear up!! Sooooo cute! And makes me realize even more that I am in the wrong profession!!

  2. So cute! I love watching animal videos! They just make me smile :)