Thursday, May 29, 2014

throwback: technology firsts

As I've been debating a mini ipad recently, I thought about the technology that first came about when I was a kid. And boy has it changed. I see small children these days who've never heard the internet dial-up sound, who couldn't understand why the hashtag was on older phones because twitter hadn't been created then, or who couldn't figure out a cassette player. Ah, youths.

Back in my day, my very first computer was that Gateway hunker seen above. I loved that thing. My games were Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and 3D Movie Maker. Gems, I tell ya! I excelled at Microsoft Paint, and could play games in DOS mode.

I got my first cell phone when I turned 16, and it was that Nokia piece. I even had a case for it that was a cloud pattern. I don't think texting existed then, but I could be wrong. Snake, anybody?

My first hand held video game was from the Disney line of Tiger handheld games. I took those things on every road trip, and often traded with friends because there was only one game per machine.

Now, I see five-year-olds with cellphones, and I can't help but shake my head. Usually, I can't stop myself from saying a remark like who could they be texting, or what kind of conversation could they possibly be having at that age. Times have changed, but then again, when I was a kid I thought there'd be robots and flying cars by the time I would be in my 20s.

What technology firsts do you remember? Also, any thoughts/suggestions on the ipad mini are much appreciated.


  1. hahaha I totally forgot about those handheld games! Bringing it back now!!! I too had a Nokia as my first cell phone, my first computer was one of those bubble looking ones with the clearish colored plastic on the back.

  2. like this:

  3. OMG totally had that game in the Little Mermaid version! Wow. What about walkmen--first I had a casette one and then graduated to CD. Can you imagine working out with one of those things? Skip skip skip skip skip

  4. I played Doom 2 and Jones in the Fast Lane ALL THE TIME growing up! I also spent many, many hours playing The Sims and would still spend many, many hours playing it, but I've learned to control myself.

    As for the mini iPad, I love my regular iPad and can't remember what life was like before it. I vote go for it!