Thursday, May 15, 2014

what we can learn from their stories...

Over the past two months I talked here on the blog about the stories of Stephen, a teenager in England diagnosed with cancer, and Ben, a four year old from near my hometown who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Both boys were bringing awareness, Stephen raised money and spread the word, while Ben, without knowing it, brought a community together. I'm very sad to say that both lost their battles this week, Ben on Tuesday evening, and Stephen on Wednesday morning.

While I did not personally know either Stephen or Ben, I could not help but be completely immersed in their stories, in their lives. Yes, their fight may be over, but it's how they will be remembered, and what we can learn from them that matters now. In the Buffalo News, the writer talked about holding your child a little tighter. Ben's mother wrote a beautiful post on her blog about Ben's passing. On Stephen's website, people continue to donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Though it must be an incredibly difficult time for their families and friends, hopefully the knowledge that those boys touched so many lives in their short years, and that people are thinking of them now, brings some solace.

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  1. Such heartbreaking stories, but such beauty in remembering their stories.