Thursday, June 12, 2014

a deal i couldn't pass up

source | still waiting for my case to arrive before i touch it

I've been debating an ipad for a while, doing the usual hunting for the lowest price I could find kind of thing. I waited a few months and then the other day I found what I was looking for: $199! Target's deal of the week  this week is the 16gb ipad mini for under $200. Now, of course, it was sold out online and in every store within 30 miles of me. So, I did the next best thing. I went to Walmart and had them do a price match which they semi-kindly obliged. And then I went home, ipad mini in hand, with a grin on my face like I had just outwitted both Target and Walmart, ha.

I then spent most of the day yesterday scrolling through etsy finding all of these adorable cases and clutches. I lost hours of my day on that site. These are some of my favorites:

Now, I'll be on the hunt for apps and books to download. The sad part is I'm so cheap I only 'buy' free apps/books even though I have $50 left in iTunes credit from a scam that happened almost two years ago. Sigh.

What are some of your favorite ipad apps and/or accessories??


  1. pinterest - i am on that damn thing all of the time. I also play this Bingo game haha (yes BINGO)!

  2. I love my ipad and use it all the time! Apps to download - bloglovin of course!!