Tuesday, June 10, 2014

blog love: food i can actually make

There are only a couple food blogs that I read where I've actually tried to pull off the recipe. You know, some blogs just look so professionally done using a ton of ingredients I've never heard of with techniques I've only seen on Masterchef. But, then I stumbled upon a little foodie blog called how sweet it is.

I'm obsessed. Not only are her photos of food amazingly gorgeous, but her recipes sound both incredibly tasty and quite possible! I made her cheesy black bean stuffed sweet potatoes with arugula + poached eggs recipe having never poached an egg before or put a combination of ingredients like that together. Mmmm! I also tried the hot + cheesy roasted red pepper dip recipe because dip is my thing and this did not disappoint. Her food just looks fun and delicious, not to mention she's coming out with a cookbook later this year. I like that I'm trying new things with food since I tend to make pasta, tacos, and pizza in that order every week!

Do you have a food blog that you love?


  1. Iowa Girl Eats is a favorite of mine and her recipes are so doable too!

  2. Love Smitten Kitchen and those over easy eggs look like heaven!