Thursday, June 26, 2014

throwback: the diary entries part one

of course my diary had a cat on it

I found this hilarious blog on tumblr, My 1992 Diary, where a woman posts her actual diary entries, sometimes accompanied by photos. It is really funny, and takes you back to the much simpler times, haha! That blog had me digging out my old diaries. I had always tried to keep one as a small child, and knew I must have had some pretty scandalous entries. This was the first:

In 1996 I was in the sixth grade at a small catholic school. I was really excited about starting a diary, especially one that had a lock on the side. I was uber paranoid about my parents reading my darkest secrets... 

As you can tell, my life at that time was packed with excitement. Mick was my big, mean cat. Buying a sports bra at that age was a big deal for me even though it was only given one line. Also, now I know why I was an alternate for the spelling bee that year. 

The key.


  1. This is awesome! I bet I have some pretty hilarious diary entries as well.

  2. i should have kept my love letters that were passed back and forth during middle school. those would have made amazing blog material! Off to the keepsake boxes to see what I can find. PS: Lisa Frank anyone?