Friday, July 25, 2014

feel good friday: these gifs please

My alarm never went off on this lovely Friday. So, as I lay blissfully sleeping, wincing at the bright light invading my room, I realized I had slept two hours past my alarm. Frantic, was not really what I was going for to start off my day.

I also have an uninvited house guest staying with me all weekend long. My roommate had moved out about a month ago, and I was enjoying my free time a lot. Really a lot. I can now keep the bathroom door open for everything. I can dance around like a lunatic. And enjoy endless 'me' time. I love living alone. This is the first weekend I'll be in my apartment rather than going home to my parents, and who decides to come on over...the roommate.

So, I am in need of a feel good something, and...well, it just had to be this cat in a bowl...

and these guys, because heyyy these guys...

and finally this kid, because I find it really funny, though I probably shouldn't...

Apologies in advance if call me maybe is now stuck in your head.
Enjoy your weekend! 

1 comment:

  1. haha. it most definitely is stuck in my head. merci!