Tuesday, July 22, 2014

hey guy...no

On Friday, I took a half day at work and headed to the beach with a couple friends for a relaxing afternoon of tanning and catching up. We were interrupted by two guys playing football extremely close to us. Close enough to hit us twice. We were not amused. Finally, the one dude decided to ask us if we wanted to play football or frisbee to which we kindly said no, until he kept pushing, then it was a hard no. He proceeded to go back to his friend and loudly rant about how 'even though they're hot they don't want to play, I want a girl who can throw the football around, god'. I stared this boy down until he made another comment that 'now this girl is staring at me'. Completely ruined our happy, sunny mood until they finally left.

This had me going on my own rant and educating my friends about #YesAllWomen (or this post I wrote a couple months ago). Guy, I will not apologize for not wanting to play football with you because I had worked all morning and wanted to simply RELAX. You do not then get to bash me because your ego is bruised. Walk away. Shut your mouth. Play with your friend. Why is that so difficult?

Then yesterday, I saw a post on buzzfeed that continued my rant: This Woman Has Been Confronting Her Catcallers — And Secretly Filming Their Reactions. I read the comments section, which be warned, can make you angry at the amount of guys not understanding what is wrong here, and became even more appalled. I have been catcalled before. I ignored it. This past winter I was catcalled a couple times while shoveling my driveway...in the deep snow...in head-to-toe winter gear. That's when I finally fought back and yelled to the drivers move along!.

Being a strong, independent woman can be an awesome and empowering thing, but sometimes not everyone may think that. How have you dealt with unwanted advances or catcalling?


  1. I watched the clips of the girl confronting the guys that would made comments to her and I was baffled that they didn't understand that it's really not appreciated. One of them saying that ladies want it because we take the time to look nice. We are dressing to get the calls. I have never woke up in the morning, and while picking out what I'll wear to work, think 'gee, I hope someone cat calls me today or this outfit is worthless.'

  2. That post with the clips of the girl confronting guys who catcalled her is incredible! "Women were put on earth to satisfy a man" ... umm no! There were many things I was put on this earth to do and satisfying you was not one of them. It just makes me want to scream!

  3. First of all, dear guys on the beach: please go back to where you came from, meaning (most likely) the gym.

    Second of all, catcalling! What gives, you know? I try my best to ignore it, or I'll play along and try to make the guy feel stupid (which he normally is). What love story ever starts out with, "Oh, he whistled at me while I was walking down the street, and I just knew I couldn't live without him." None.

  4. This isn't about catcalling, but more about the male ego. Back in my college days, me and my two best friends were out at a bar. We were having a great time and always make each other laugh. We were laughing a lot that night, about what I don't remember, and just having a great time and enjoying each others company. Then, this guy comes over to us and asks us if we were laughing so loud so that we would get his attention and make him come over to us!? We were like, "Umm, no! We're just really funny and crack each other up." Of course, he didn't believe us, until we just ignored him and he finally went away. Honestly, we didn't even notice him until he came over to us. We weren't there to pick up guys, just out for a good time, and he couldn't believe that it wasn't all about him.