Wednesday, July 2, 2014

more tall girl problems

Last year I wrote about the pros and cons of being a tall girl. That post seems to always show up in my most viewed stats because apparently a lot of ladies google 'tall girl problems'. Well, here are a few more to add to the list:

Jumpsuits. There is no way that crotch area will fit how it is supposed to. I was Catwoman for Halloween once, she wore a jumpsuit, I had to cut the leggings/faux boots part off because the size large I purchased could not appropriately cover my entire body.

Cropped out of photos. When you're a full head taller than everyone else you either get cropped out of the photo, or you're forced to scrunch down to their level. Either way, it becomes an awkward photo. I was in a friend's wedding and the awful photographer stuck me in the back every time making sure that I was called out as 'tall girl in the back please'. I got it dude, I've known my place since the fifth grade.

Heels. I love a good pair of heels, but I shy away from ones higher than 3 inches. I've regrettably turned away some beautiful shoes simply because I did not want to be gigantic, and have others comment on the beast that I become. Thanks, mom.

Guys and their 'sports line'. You're tall, let me guess, you played volleyball in high school? No, basketball? Actually, I did both haha, but I'm tempted to come up with a more genius response. Not every tall girl is athletic. I would bet though that almost every tall girl is accident prone or clumsy simply because our limbs are so long they get caught in things.

Cars. I drove a malibu and a jetta before I got the mini SUV that I drive now. I can't tell you how many times I smacked my head when trying to get into my car. It was not pretty nor easy. Climbing in horizontally in my tiguan is the second best thing that has happened to my head. (First being when they shampoo your hair at the salon and slowly massage the scalp. Bliss.)


  1. I can totally relate and I'm not even that tall! I always feel self conscious when I where heels because I am towering over all my girl friends. And I hate getting into regular cars (I drive an SUV) because I feel like I have to scrunch myself down and half the time I hit my head on the way in!

  2. Haha this is hilarious. I've never had tall girl problems, but I would get annoyed with the sports line too!