Monday, July 14, 2014

my stomach decided i need to start working out

healthy means running on a beach with perfectly windblown hair | source

Remember when I took that little vaca to SC and I ate a bunch of deep fried, unhealthy, yet delicious food? Well, that has caught up to my body. Now, I'm not about limiting myself to tasteless treats just because they're 'healthy'. And, I'm not at a weight that is bad for my body. I'm just noticing some bits have inflated, some muscles have disappeared, and I'm not that ok with that. It's not about being thin for me, it's about being healthy and strong (see my post about weight issues).

I decided I needed some encouragement, some motivation that isn't looking at pictures of ridiculously good looking ladies with eight-packs. I'm more of a quote mixed with scenery kind of girl. I'm also not a runner. I actually hate it despite being on the track team in high school (I basically ran up to something and jumped over it). So, I turned to youtube for some ab workouts and beginner yoga moves. Today, I will attempt what I've been talking about for a while. I just have to do it. All in. Go for the gold! Mush! I'll need to come up with a better phrase.

I'm going to try these two routines this week, and see how I manage. I have to start slowly otherwise I'll just get aggravated and give up. I'll also mix in more water, veggies, and healthier alternatives to my meal plan. Hmm, I may just have to purchase a yoga mat...on clearance, of course.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for starting a healthier lifestyle?


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  1. I feel you! Its winter down here in Paraguay and I've packed on some winter weight. But, I"m going to the Bahamas in a month so I need to start working out again too! Have you ever checked out Pop Sugar Fitness Youtube channel they have some great work out videos.