Thursday, July 24, 2014

on my reality tv list as of late

this stock photo says it all | source

Because there could be so much more I could be doing than watching people do ridiculous things on my television. I'm in no way a reality tv junkie, but I can become addicted to a few shows in particular. My summer lineup now includes a couple new shows, which I'm really not sure how they ended up on this list...

Why do I enjoy watching plastic surgery nightmares? I could not tell you. But, that's what this show is about. People who decided to get plastic surgery, had poor results, and are now being fixed by some experts. I can't even watch the screen when they do the actual surgeries, my body cringes like I'm the one in the chair. How does it work? How badly does it hurt? What will they look like when they heal? I must know!

Six weirdos random people signed up for a relationship experiment. They were matched by a 'team' of experts, and then met each other at the aisle...of their wedding...for the first time. I am so intrigued by this madness. The one girl couldn't even look or touch her match because she was not attracted to him. How will this play out? Will that guy stop wiping his sweaty forehead and then try to touch his new bride with said hand? What will become of the pairs? Why do I need to know?!

This is a given. But, I must admit, Andi's season has bored and disappointed me. None of her dudes stood out to me, or were a favorite. And her final two, well, I guess we'll see if they're really there for the right reasons. At least we have a new show to look forward to, Bachelor in Paradise, where we're guaranteed all the drama that was lacking this season. Plus Marquel. Heyyy Marquel.

What's on your summer reality tv list?


  1. I have only watched the first episode of "Married at First Sight" I forgot all about it! Now I need to go find it OnDemand!

  2. I heard about Married at First Sight but haven't seen it yet! It sounds so interesting! I marathoned "I wanna marry Harry" and it's such a hot mess. Like the Bachlorette but these girls think they are dating Prince Harry but it's just an actor.