Tuesday, July 29, 2014

so, that happened: the bachelorette finale

i may have landed a man yall | source

Well, another season of The Bachelorette has wrapped, and while it was pretty boring and uneventful, there was at least one dramatic moment during the After the Final Rose special. SPOILER ALERT: read no further if you haven't yet watched the finale...

Andi was down to her final two dudes who I refer to as 'stage five clinger' and 'teeth', I'm sure you can tell who's who. I was just not feeling any of the men this season. But, they're gone now, off to the tropical location of the mess that will be Bachelor in Paradise. And we're still left with Josh and Nick. Honestly, both seem off putting in their own ways. Nick and his intensity makes him seem creepy. And Josh with his always sunny attitude makes him seem fake or gimmicky. But, who am I to judge.

In the end, Josh outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the competition. And him and Andi had a big ole sappy final rose moment complete with a ridiculous amount of cliches in Josh's speech. It all ended pretty quickly. Then it was Nick who stole the show. And his mom. Because he still wasn't over Andi.

Now, I'm not sure what to make of Nick and Andi's encounter. While Andi seemed cold, distant, and just over it, Nick seemed to be hurting and decided the best thing to do was blow Andi in about them sleeping together. I had read Reality Steve when the season first began, and he made a comment that a lot of the guys felt like Andi led them on, and she pretended to have feelings for them. This seemed pretty apparent here with Nick thinking that she was completely in love with him enough to 'make lurve' to him. I'm not sure what to think...but look at that face...

we done here?

What were your thoughts on the finale and the after the final rose show?


  1. it was all awkward. I had to fast forward a lot of the stuff because I couldn't handle watching it all. I also couldn't stand how fake Josh acted when he came out on stage.

  2. I didn't watch ANY of the show except the finale - in true Fallon fashion - but it was SO awkward. I felt so bad for Nick at first, but then like...who does that? What a class act. I still think that whatever his name is (the last Bachelor) is the worst season ever, but this one is close behind.