Thursday, July 31, 2014

throwback: the boys who defined my childhood

Last night I wanted to watch a summer movie, and settled on my all-time fave: The Sandlot. I was then a bit creeped out because I realized I was still attracted to Benny. All of the fantasies memories came rushing back, and I felt like a kid again, sort of. More like an older woman with pre-teen thoughts about guys who are technically older, but preserved in kid form. Yea, sooooo...

I don't know about you, but these were the boys of my dreams back then:

Also known as Mike Vitar. Every girl I knew was obsessed with him. He was adorable but also really good looking. I would dream up different scenarios that placed myself in the movie pretending to be his love interest. Thankfully he also appeared in two of the Mighty Ducks movies.

This guy! I loved him in Casper, Now and Then, Little Giants, Wild America. He was the 'it' kid of my generation. I was so envious of Christina Ricci for getting to kiss him in two movies. When he came down the stairs in Casper, whew, I was awakened. I already have chills.

ROCKY FROM 3 NINJAS (minus the sequel)
Please tell me you hated Emily as much as I did as a small child. Why did he like her? What did she have that I didn't? Those were questions that plagued me at night. Not only was Rocky cute, but he was so good and could also protect me. Swoon.

Who were the loves of your lives back then?


  1. I love this post! I was a huge Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez fan too and Devon Sawa. I had a big crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas growing up too or as he was better known, JTT :)

  2. I'd like to nominate you for the Liebster Award, if that's okay with you.

  3. Benny the Jet Rodriguez was my original love. I seriously had the BIGGEST crush on him.

  4. Oh man, I was so in love with Benny the Jet Rodriguez and Devon Sawa. I remember repeatedly rewinding the Casper VHS just to watch that dance scene and see human Casper for the 12 seconds he was on it. JTT was the front runner for me though - he was the hot smartass on Home Improvement and of course, Simba which basically sealed the deal for my 9 year old heart.