Thursday, July 10, 2014

throwback diaries: the dance

Dances were everything back in middle school. There were always some schools that had the best ones with the cutest boys. I was on a mission back then, which was funny because I was so not the girl who got the boys in the 6th grade...

I see American Girl was still running my life at this time. "Eric" was a boy who went to another school. I would find out later that Eric wasn't even his name. He was a twin, the most wanted set of twins to ever live in my town. We were Catholic School kids. These twins didn't even go to our school yet every girl at every school, including the big public one, was obsessed with these guys. When I went to college I met even more girls who fondly remember pining over the twins. Aside from never really speaking to these gods, I was always jealous of any girl who claimed she had.

I have to laugh at my attempt to help Janine out by setting her up. I was the shyest, most inexperienced, awkward girl in my class. I just happened to be in a semi-popular group of friends. To think that I would help out in the boy department makes me laugh. I was one of the boys, I didn't wear makeup until high school, and I had zero confidence. If I was in middle school now, I don't think I would make it.

And I never did dance with "Eric".


  1. laughing out loud about the famous twins in your town. So funny. Middle school dances were my dream and nightmare all rolled into one! Will I dance with a boy? (no, sorry honey) Will I know how to dance? (no, but you'll still have fun) What am I supposed to wear? (I still have no idea)

  2. This is too good. I still have all of my middle school notes too and I laugh every time I get the chance to look at them. Hah! So much has changed.