Thursday, July 17, 2014

throwback diaries: young love

Relationships were a major deal in middle school. Testing out the dating waters. Working on your flirting techniques. My sixth grade class was very small, about twenty-some kids with an awful boy to girl ratio so us girls were always cycling through the boys...

There were three 'heartthrobs' of the class; Nick, John, and Greg. Seemingly, every week they had a new lady like it was no big deal. A two week relationship was considered long term in those days. I was a sporty girl so I believe my feelings toward boys were mostly due to sports like 'hocky' rather than just being cute and cool. Also, slim pickings.

My only boyfriend of the bunch turned out to be Greg, a scrawny, blonde child who could pass as my brother. Every time he called my house I had no fear that my parents would find out it was a boy because he had a girl voice. It lasted a week. He left in the eighth grade, and no one really heard from him again, except college...on myspace. Greg found me and asked me to go ice skating, just like old times.

I kindly said no.

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  1. This is so great! Sounds so similar to my diary entries. We had a little more options but not much, there were probably about 10 eligible boys in my class and it was the same, each week it seemed like they had a new girlfriend.