Thursday, July 3, 2014

throwback: the diary entries part two

Last week, I brought you a glimpse into my small child self with a diary entry from 1996 based on the tumblr: My 1992 Diary. If you haven't checked that blog out yet, you probably should if you're in need of a good laugh.

Today's entry features an American Girl doll that I saved every penny I had for. I begged my parents for that doll after seeing the magazines each month...

For having not written in a month, I obviously had nothing going on in my life except that doll. Who, by the way, lost her perfect braids after I decided she needed a hair change. My mother was furious because I had just ruined the doll. I cried as I desperately tried to re-braid her hair. I used water, hair spray, gel, anything to reach that perfection again. Now, she resides in a closet at my parents house...with sad, crimpy hair.

Also, this is another reminder why I am monolingual and have little hope of perfecting another language, especially espanol.

Gotta go play.

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