Tuesday, August 12, 2014

birthday time a.k.a. treat yo self

I am one year older today. It pains me to say that I'm now entering the last year of my twenties. Ouch. Mentally, I'm still hovering around 25. But, being older does have its perks; renting a car, giving 'life advice' to children, nearing closer to retirement age. Ha, I kid.

Being older also means that I can occasionally treat myself. My birthday gift to myself this year is an owl mug to drink soup out of because my ex-roommate took our only keurig; wine to forget that I'm not getting any younger; and the naked basics palette because I had to get my birthday gift at sephora and wasn't sure if you had to buy something in order to receive it. I used a gift card and also the wine was given to me, so really I only spent $15. Splurge.

I did have a delicious steak dinner with my parents on Sunday. And my boss just came in to tell me we're going for mexican food on our lunch today. I'm not really a shout from the rooftops 'heyyy it's my birthdaaay' kind of girl, so I prefer more low key dinner and drinks kind of celebrations where I'm in bed by 10:30 haha.

Either way, as you age birthdays become a great time to treat yo self.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! sounds like you are having a fantastic day! I love the mug! super cute!

  2. Wish you a lovely birthday - may all your wishes for this year as well in the next years come true, lots of health and luck!;)


  3. Happy birthday! I bought the Naked palette for my birthday last year, too.

  4. Happy Birthday lady! I'm eyeing that pallet as well but already have naked 2 & 3! So I'm not sure if it's justifiable!

  5. You can never go wrong with Mexican food. Or wine. Or Parks & Rec. Sounds like you're doing something right :) Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday! :)

    Fleur x

  7. Happy Birthday - love that owl mug! I'm with you on the last year in your 20's :S ...1985 babies!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Love that owl mug...enjoy your day!