Friday, August 1, 2014

feel good friday: august? what, no?!

Oh hey august, didn't see you sneak up there. This month is usually a bummer for me because I associate it with the end of everything: summer, my current age, good parking at work, peace and quiet in my town. I suppose I could take a more positive approach to the next four weeks, so...


  • A beach house. My friends have started the tradition of renting a beach house in the middle of the month. Ok, so beach should really be 'beach' because we live near a lake and that's the best we can do at the moment. Still a good time.

  • Stock up on leinenkugel shandy. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Apparently, they stop selling it this month, so I'll be on a mission to hoard as much as I can find. Sponsor?

  • Summer birthdays. Along with myself, many of my friends have birthdays this month. And as I really don't want to celebrate mine (getting way too close to the 30 mark), I can certainly enjoy others. Though summer bdays were just about the worst as a kid, I now love them because of the weather and beergaritas.

  • Long days. This is the time to soak up what's left of summer, and really do as much as you can. It still doesn't get dark early, so I like to sit outside and extend my tan for as long as I can, with sunscreen of course because bad genetics.

  • Preseason football. I'm from Buffalo. This is a big thing for us. You may have heard that Bon Jovi and Canada are trying to take our team from western new york. It should make for an interesting start to the preseason. I'm also obsessed with college football, so I'll be bringing out all of my Bama gear.

What are some of your favorite things to do this month?

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  1. Long days are the best! Here in Berlin, the sun hasn't been setting until around 21:00 – makes for many lazy days laying around in the park :)