Wednesday, August 13, 2014

life lessons: what not to do

pondering life on a hilltop in Gower, Wales

Now that I'm another year wiser, I thought it was time to share with you some of the little things that I've learned in life. Things that had me saying 'i did not just do that'. If my misfortunes help just one person, then I will feel a bit better about these situations haha...

- If you drive with your sunroof open during the night in the middle of the summer while blasting music and throwing your head/hands out of the car, a praying mantis will find its way in your hair. You may need assistance with the removal.

- If you decide to put on another unneeded layer of fake tanner on your face, you will be orange in the morning. Do not use peroxide to remove the orange. Don't do it.

- To avoid taking shots, do use the Coyote Ugly method of spitting it into a bottle, do not then share the bottle with everyone saying it's a new drink to try. That is backwash. And that is gross.

- If you happen to find yourself crossing the border from Canada to the US at 3AM after a bachelorette party, do not sing Oh Canada to border patrol in an attempt to show that you're one with the locals. You may make it over, you may not (luckily, I did).

- When lying about your age pretending to be a college student, do have a good story prepared. Saying you're a molecular genetics major is fine (you should see the looks I get when I say that one), but then saying that you work on embryos to test for early signs of disease which people donate to science may take that one step into the unbelievable category. Plan ahead.

What life lessons have you learned over the years?


  1. This just had us crying with laughter, and therefore brightened up our morning!! Personal favourite is number 3, closely followed by number 1. So soo funny.

    xoxo Precious Wonders

  2. haha, i adored this post!

    from helen at

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