Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the yoga struggle

Over the summer I had the brilliant idea to start getting into yoga. I say brilliant because I had no idea what to expect. After seeing all of the fancy instagrams and cute workout clothes, I figured I should just try it.

I think I lasted a week. And this was doing 'yoga' via an ipad mini in a recently vacated room in my apartment. The only position I think I did was getting on all fours. There's nothing quite like trying to bend your body in certain ways to make you realize you're old and not flexible in any way. Sure, I did gymnastics once as a kid thanks to Kerri Strug, but I should have taken the hint when I couldn't do a somersault correctly that flexibility and me did not work. That and the fact that I was only there to jump in the big pit of foam things.

I give all the props to those who successfully do yoga on a regular basis. Now I know that it is not easy. I'm still perplexed by the videos I used because as the woman was calmly telling me to 'hold my position breathing slowly your position' I was sweating and shaking wondering when I would eventually faceplant on the mat.

My work just announced a new thing called 'yoga fridays' where on my lunch break I can go learn all of the beginner moves. Hmm, enticing.

Do you do yoga? Have any tips for newbies?

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  1. I want to try and get into yoga too, but it is so intimidating! I think I would have a similar first week to you. Going to a class really scares me because I know I'll be that awkward newbie in the corner huffing and puffing and wondering my my body doesn't bend that way...