Thursday, August 28, 2014

throwback: a buffy obsession

There are some tv shows that so heavily influence your childhood/middlehood/teenhood that you become instantly obsessed. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my obsession. I recently caught an episode while I was browsing channels, and man it took me back.

I started watching Buffy in the beginning of the second season wayyyy back in 1997. The show immediately took over my 7th grade life. I started doing my hair like Buffy. I found an over-sized plastic pencil that I used as my 'stake'. I would practice my flips and kicks when I was home alone. When Buffy graduated, I graduated (ok, from the 8th grade, but you get it). It was like I was her. Haha.

I ran Buffy websites back on those geocities platforms. I was quite proud of my work actually. It was a Buffy/Angel shipper site called 'A Slayer's Love'. Ooooh. I divided my time between school, watching the show, and being a techie-nerd rushing home to work on my 'site' which no one knew about because I used an alias. Why? I couldn't tell you, I was a strange kid.

Once the fifth season of BTVS rolled around and that awful Dawn character arrived, I started to have mixed feelings about my beloved show. It just wasn't the same. I then created another site for the show but only for seasons one through four, rebellious, I know. I don't think I even watched the final season in its entirety.

My old roommate bought the entire series on DVD a few years ago. If I heard it coming from her room, I could usually yell out which episode it was by title. Sidenote for huge fans: my very favorite episodes are as follows 5) the prom, 4) hush, 3) the wish, 2) becoming part 1 and 2, and 1) primeval.

Were you obsessed with Buffy or another show that ruled your tween/teen life back then?

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