Thursday, August 7, 2014

throwback diaries: dating scandals

A continuation from the last diary was two months later, and apparently everyone had dated everyone else, well except for me. I was evidently in my denial revolt stage. Here's the scoop...

A breakup. An affair. A rejection. How scandalous for a small sixth grade class. I also remember this being the time that the boys started to give their girlfriends 'gifts'. Chris' mom worked at a beauty counter in a department store, so he always gave perfume samples as gifts. Nick gave Kristen Nala, a stuffed animal from The Lion King. And John gave out Tommy Girl candles to Holly and myself (for some reason), every girl's dream ya know.

Also, most of these scandals happened at the local roller rink. Because nothing says 'hey let's date' like slow dancing on roller blades and fun dip. 

Oh, simpler times.

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