Tuesday, August 5, 2014

what motivates you

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how my stomach decided I needed to start doing some sort of workout activity. I found a bunch of youtube workout videos, pinned a few healthy meals, and even bought a yoga mat. But, finding the motivation to put in the work? That has been no easy task.

Unfortunately, for me, I've now found that I focus on the bad things to motivate change. Like when my skin isn't cooperating, it motivates me to try new products or techniques. I force myself to remember how badly I feel when my skin is not at its best. I'm not proud that I'm basically shaming myself.

Yesterday, I put in a really good workout because I was in my swimsuit this weekend, and didn't necessarily like how it looked. And here I thought I was only in this to 'get healthy'. It can be so easy to say things like that, and then you're watching ripped women showing you how to tone your body.

I don't want to say that I'm failing at the goals I've made, I'm just discovering more about how I view myself, and how I've been conditioned to view myself (being thin my entire life and having negative comments about that, or family members suggesting I've put on weight in a semi-negative tone). It's not all rainbows and six packs. We're not perfect, even though we may sometimes view bloggers/youtubers as such. Healthy body image is so much more than physical change. It's every bit as emotional, mental, and maybe even spiritual. So, I'm still working on finding positive motivation that works for me.

What motivates you?

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