Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DIYWH: a dining table project

I'm sure you know by now that I am not handy. I am also not crafty. DIY projects for me usually need the assistance of a friend or youtube, thus I've started to call them 'Do It Yourself With Help' (DIYWH). When my roommate moved out over the summer she took most of the furniture with her. I had to resort to using three tv trays as my dining room table. Apparently, my friends weren't too keen on this because they brought me a table and chairs last week. For free. Because they found the set abandoned outside their apartment.

And it turned out the dining set wasn't too shabby. Aside from some concerning stains on the chairs, the wood was ok. I knew I had to spruce it up, so I bought some fabric, found a youtube video, and paid my friends in sandwiches to come help me out. My job was to steam the fabric free of wrinkles, while the guys pulled the staples out of the seats.

This is the result. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Looks like I'm one step away from my own HGTV show, Semi DIY-Made hah...

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