Friday, September 26, 2014

feel good friday: fall tv is back

After a long week of stressing over my interview (hence the reason for the lack of any sort of post), I finally got to unwind with some wine and fall tv premieres. I am obsessed with tv shows and movies, and fall is kind of like christmas because of my fave shows returning and new ones premiering.

I didn't think my Thursdays could be any more packed with tv shows, but then ABC went and made this trio which will now consume my entire night. I've been watching Greys since college, and just can't leave it behind quite yet. I started watching Scandal this past year, and am now in love with Olivia's wardrobe. How to Get Away With Murder premiered last night, and I think I'm hooked already. Viola Davis, yes she is that good.

Other shows I'm loving this fall: Sleepy Hollow, Red Band Society, The Mindy Project, Black-ish, Witches of East End

Shows I half watch/half do something else to pass the time: Dancing with the Stars, Once Upon a Time, The Originals, American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries, Project Runway

Shows I've just stopped watching for some reason: Revenge, America's Next Top Model, New Girl, Marvel's SHIELD, Chicago Fire, Supernatural (sad, I know), Modern Family, Arrow

The ones I'm anxiously waiting for: The Walking Dead, Jane the Virgin

And I wonder where my time goes. Yes, tv runs my life, I just can't get enough! I usually can't fit in watching my shows each night, so I watch them on my lunch at work. I have a schedule. It's a thing. A feel good thing.

What are some of your faves/can't live without/must watch?


  1. I'm loving Red Bank Society. I think I've cried during both episodes. Also, did you know the Limited has a Scandal Collection? Super cute stuff.

  2. We were really excited The Goldbergs and Big Bang are back. Love them! I feel like I need to watch Scandal because I hear it so good.

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