Tuesday, September 9, 2014

fresh out

Well, I've finally hit a roadblock for blog post ideas. You know sometimes the ideas are flowing and you come up with like twenty posts while in the shower? That hasn't happened in a while so I'm fresh out. And I don't like that feeling.

roadblock but go bills! | source

I know I list my blog as a 'lifestyle' one where I guess I'm supposed to be telling you all about my life. But, I'm just not that interesting. Unless you're really intrigued by a girl who always seems to be binge watching tv shows while eating goldfish crackers and playing a game called Castle Story on her ipod... I really need a cat.

However, I did receive my first bit of good news on the job front; I have a phone interview at the end of this week. It may not seem like much, but it's finally something positive for my new job search. I've never done a phone interview before, and hope the people on the other line don't think I'm a small child since that's what I think my voice sounds like. I just hope I'm not too nervous sounding. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated!

Hopefully, the creative juices will be working again soon.

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