Wednesday, September 17, 2014

inspiration: brand new ending

There's a common thing in life for twenty-somethings, well at least I think so, and that's the dreaded feeling of wanting to go back, re-do a few things, and start fresh. I see it in movies, my friends, even bloggers (hey I started 'fresh' too). That feeling of wiping something away, making a clean slate, is a great feeling. But, we may run into the same problems that brought us to that point in the first place.

That's why I like this quote. I know I can't go back and make certain changes, but I can change now and end in a place where I want to be. While I've always said that I hate change, many times it's needed or even inevitable.

You seem to only realize you should have made different decisions after the fact. That's how it works. We're not psychic, even though sometimes I swear I've dreamt about things that have actually happened. I swear! Prophetic dreams aside, starting from now seems to be good inspiration.

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