Friday, October 10, 2014

feel good friday: i need warmth

The crisp chill of fall has arrived...though it's set to leave next week so I'm not sure what's going on weather wise, but I do know that I'm cold. The space heater in my office has been set on high the past couple of days. The electric blanket in my apartment has been on every night. I neeeed some warmth.

I needed a new jacket, and had in my mind what exactly I wanted: a sweatshirty material, longer, fall coat. And I actually found it at Target! It's pretty comfy and keeps me warm.

Next up on my want list would be then any of the above. I really like anything mustard color for fall, and I usually pair it with greys and creams.

Now, all I need is a warm cup of cider while I catch up on my tv shows. Speaking of tv, what new shows have you been loving now that the fall season is in full swing? I just watched The Flash yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised. Ok, I cried. It's a thing now that I just have to accept. I also cried while watching the new Transformers movie, it's just something about Optimus Prime and the way he speaks that gets me. Ahh.

Enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I'm definitely loving that mustard scarf!! I'm trying to avoid the stores at all cost because I only have a week before my due date and I do not want to buy any more clothes until after he is born. Not sure how I'm going to manage though since I only have like 4 long sleeve shirts that still fit. Haha.