Wednesday, December 3, 2014

blog neglect

It's been an entire month since I moved home and started a new job, and it's also been a month of only two posts on the blog. I'd love to say ohhh I'm so busy or ohh I'm just swamped, but I'm really just trying to figure out a schedule of when I can write and catch up on blogs (shhh don't tell my old boss, but I used to do most of that at work...who hasn't?!)

But, yes, I admit, I've been a bad blogger and reader. I know a lot of you have had babies or became engaged or other big life things so I also need to catch up with everyone else too!

I also don't have a desk at 'home'. My bed is my desk. It's also my couch, snack table, and quiet place. It's not the best place to sit, think, and type. But, it's the only place that's mine right now. I'd say moving back in with my parents has made me a bit lazy. My meals are cooked, my laundry is cleaned, and nothing is mine to control. I'm really trying not to become an angry teenager again since I'm back in the same room that turned me that way.

So, long story short...I'm still here. I'm getting back into the swing of things. And I'll need something to distract me from sitting on the couch all weekend long ;)

Sidenote: ohh hey December, how in the world did you get here so fast??


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  2. girl. i am right there with ya. the struggle is alive and well in the blogosphere. here's to hoping you have a speedy return to blogland! we miss you!