Wednesday, March 18, 2015

checking in

I know it's been a couple of months of me being MIA here. My status update is that I'm still living at home with the parents while I'm on the house hunt. It's been a slow process so I haven't had that much inspiration to post here. I'd rather be on my merry way to living in my own place before I start to post regularly. It's weird, I know, but it's tough when you have zero alone time. The only time I have to myself is in the car.

Time is flying, though. I still can't believe that I've been home since November. I have a few things lined up for the months to come that I'm excited to share with you!


  1. Well, there you are!

    Good luck with the continued search for a house. Fingers crossed you find what you're looking for, and soon!

  2. I've been neglecting my blog too! Hope you find a house and can get settled soon. :)