Friday, April 24, 2015

follow up: i can see clearly now & greys anatomy

Heyyy Friday, it's good to see you again. This week was a short one for me because I finally had LASIK surgery!

I can see things. Yesterday was my surgery. The procedure was so quick, actually. Beforehand, they give you a valium to calm you down. Apparently, I am immune. I was not calm. The doctor kept telling me to take deeper breaths and I told him that I thought I was breathing. I'm thinking it was the whole being strapped down, staring at a light, while my eye is being held open that led to said shallow breaths. After a few minutes, everything was complete, they sat me up, and I could read the time on the clock! I haven't been able to see without help since the fourth grade. I'm still amazed. My mind cannot handle it! I'm now onto the daily eye-drop regime, and am terrified of rubbing my eyes (huge no no). This has been one of the best decisions I ever made.
How could you, Shonda. I've been a fan of Grey's Anatomy since the second season, when the first episode I ever watched was the code black bomb one. Of course, it's been up and down for my liking of the show since the glory days, but I've stuck with it. It reminds me of college when my roommates would all huddle around the tv thursday nights to watch our show. Over the Christmas break, I even re-watched the first three seasons. It was such a good show back then. Last night, as I watched through my required after-surgery-shades, I couldn't believe what happened. I won't spoil it for those who aren't caught up, but GAH. I did not need the artificial tears then! And don't even get me started on the music. Chasing Cars and How to Save a Life will always remind me of Greys. I know it's just a television show, but it's been ten years, that's a long relationship, haha.

I'm off to relax my eyeballs and put drops in them every. half. hour. Enjoy your weekend!

Do you still watch Greys? Have you gotten LASIK?

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