Thursday, April 16, 2015

the year of thirty

This is the year that I turn thirty. The big 3-0. I'm trying to embrace it, but it just sounds so old, especially when I feel a lot younger.

I never started one of those 30 before 30 lists. I tried, but couldn't come up with anything. Now that I'm months away, I'm looking to accomplish as much as I can before August. Not that entering a new decade means everything is over, but there is a sense of accomplishment that I can say I've done certain things all before I turned.
House cat. Obviously, you know the big one on the list at the moment is a buying a house. This then leads into my second goal of rescuing my future cat from a shelter. I miss having a pet, though my friend's cat just bit my arm for no particular reason this weekend. Maybe I'm not the cat whisperer I claim to be.

Fix the eyeballs. Another thing that I have lined up is LASIK for my eyeballs who hate me right now. I wrote about my eye issues last year: learn from my contact wearing mistakes. Well, they returned as soon as I started to put monthly contacts in. I had enough so I booked myself a consult appointment to get my eyes corrected. I can't even imagine waking up and being able to see. My surgery is set for next Thursday!

Channel my inner Lizzie McGuire. The other major thing that I have booked is a summer trip to Italy and Greece!! I am so excited to be able to cross Santorini off my bucket list come the end of July. Two of my friends decided to do a big trip for our 30ths, and they graciously invited me along. I've been to Italy in Epcot and ate at the restaurant. We had about five male waiters coming to our table constantly. If those guys are any indication of the men I'll encounter during my travels, then I am very much looking forward to that. And pizza. Always pizza.

Learn something. Finally, my goal is to learn as much Italian as I can before I leave. When I travel, I try to blend in as much as possible and avoid being that obnoxious American tourist. I'm listening to a podcast called My Daily Phrase Italian and a youtube channel called Learning Italian with Lucrezia to introduce me to the language and prepare me enough to get around the city. I'm loving it right now and trying to soak up as much as I can, si!

This just might be my most accomplished year yet!

If you have any suggestions or travel tips for Rome, Athens, and/or Santorini please let me know! I welcome any info/wisdom that you have!

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  1. So awesome that you have a trip to Italy and Greece booked. That is amazing! I turn the big 3-0 this summer too. Dun dun duh.